Lockdown 3.0

It’s been a while since my last blog and a lot had happened in the world since then.

The UK is now a week into our 3 national lockdown. Though when I look out my window it appears that people didn’t get the message. It is all well and good the government tell people to stay home to help protect our NHS but unless it’s really enforced it’s not going to make a difference.

Both myself and my partner are key workers so don’t have a choice about going out each day. After the first lockdown when I was working from home creating learning resources for my class – I’m sure both of being a work will be a god send and stop us driving each other insane. However we both want to feel safe going to work. As my family and friends will know I’m am one for rules being followed and knowing what I’m doing. So have been finding it hard that other people are not listening to the rules and guidelines for schools changing daily if not hourly at the minute.

Schools have been getting a mixture of press this week. Not helped by the numpty of an education minister telling parents to complain to Ofsted about remote learning, despite the fact that we were literally given 12hours notice to get ourselves together and ready to ‘go live’. However, the feedback from our parents and from the posts I have seen on social media the feedback has been positive and understand it is going to take time to get going properly. We had a few technical difficulties and were trying to figure out how to share the screens etc but on a whole the only issue was the children sending emojis to each other instead of listening to us. We had key worker children in a classroom (no bubbles mixed, they are staying in their own year groups) and we are teaching the live lessons from another room. It works quite well.

We are all still wondering if and when we will get vaccinated, because surely if the teachers are vaccinated then we can get the children back in school as the adults would be less at risk. But I guess that’s up to the big wigs in government.

I don’t know about other teachers but my anxiety is through the roof. I’m not sleeping and having weird and wonderful dreams. Last nights was the best – my whole class were talking penguins and there being huge piles of noodles outside my mums house so that I couldn’t park there. I would love for a decent nights sleep but post work naps are the way forward for now.

My main worry is when I will get to see my mum again. She is in Yorkshire and I’m in London. In lockdown 1, it was 6months before I got to see her in person and thanks to Boris’ last minute tier 4 announcement she spent Christmas there instead of with us. It was the hardest Christmas I’ve had. I hope this year will not be the same.

Stay safe out there.

Published by emteach27

I’m a primary school teacher. Love reading and writing. I want to write short stories with an aim to write a collection of children’s books

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