Teaching – are we pushing ourselves too much?

4 weeks into the new school term and I don’t make it to lunch time on the Monday because I’m too poorly. Which leaves me questioning… do we push ourselves too hard at work, when we would be replaced within a week?

Many people seem to think as teachers, we are in a privileged position. Work 9-3 and get all these holidays. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s more like work 7-5 at school and often have stuff to do when we get home and at a weekend. People also don’t see that we work through the holidays: planning, marking, resource making. They also don’t realise that a lot of the time we use our own money to spend on our classrooms to make them engaging and interesting for the children.It’s only if you are friends with a teacher or related to one that you understand fully what we go through on a daily basis. My mum has seen me for the last five years, preparing, marking and planning etc. However, it wasn’t until she came to work with me to help out on a couple of school trips that she fully understood.

We have to put up with a lot. Changing goal posts, data, marking, assessments, trying to fit children that are square pegs into the governments round holes. The useless numpties in parliament don’t seem to get that all children are different and therefore learn differently and will not all meet the same targets at the same time.

We run ourselves into the ground to make sure we provide the best leaning environment for the children in our care. But seem to forget about our own well being – both our physical and mental health.

My school is actually good at making sure we take care of ourselves and we have well-being days, as well as staff keep fit, nights out etc. Slt are the most supportive I have seen in all the schools I have been in. My year lead is amazing – he’s told me to go to him about anything, especially with my anxiety, and makes me feel part of a working team not just a spare part.

But today has made realise I have been working myself too hard. I’ve worked 14 days in a row, but haven’t given my body time to rest after starting to feel unwell last week. It has been instilled in me from a young age that you don’t take time off unless you are really poorly, so I will always try to work even if I feel under the weather.

Sometimes we just have to give in to our bodies and listen when we need to rest and recover.

Teachers – take care of yourselves, our wellbeing is just as important as children’s. Remember They need us at our best in order to become their best 😊

Published by emteach27

I’m a primary school teacher. Love reading and writing. I want to write short stories with an aim to write a collection of children’s books

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