New ventures

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.

Don’t worry though… there has been good reasons.

1. I’m now back at work after a wonderful summer off. Loving my new class, being in year 3 with a wonderful team. After the stress from last year and the not so nice atmosphere down in my previous year group, it is a nice change to feel supported and that my opinion matters. I moved up with my year group from year 2 to year 3, however, I have a different class, which had its own challenges. The children know me though and my expectations. Plus they keep me laughing every day.

This week has been full of laughs and fun. On Thursday we had an Ancient Greek afternoon to introduce our topic. All the teachers and children dressed up in togas and we brought in Greek food for the children to try. I had a failed attempt to teach my class how to do some dancing. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though.

I have to say, I was glad when Friday evening came, as I was knackered and needed a big sleep.

2. I am now tutoring 3 times a week after work and at a weekend. Both boys are brilliant and need help with their learning in different ways.

I didn’t think I would enjoy tutoring. Other people had mentioned it as a way of earning some extra cash, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to take more time do tutor on top of working full time.

However, it turns out I really enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like work and isn’t stressful. It’s more fun, and it’s important to me that the boys enjoy their lessons rather than thinking of it as extra work.

I know mum is worried about me putting extra stress on myself and that I’ll be too tried. However, I feel like it’s doing me good. I’m out of the house meeting me people, and doing the job I love. If anything I’m actually feeling more relaxed than I have in a long time.

New ventures with more exciting things to come 😊

Published by emteach27

I’m a primary school teacher. Love reading and writing. I want to write short stories with an aim to write a collection of children’s books

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